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Discounts are valid only when paying by credit card or credit.
Add a credit card number by clicking here and pay less even if the card terminal would not function momentarily.


At VB Taxi we do things differently. You will never pay more than what is specified in our pricelist and thanks to undercharge you can even save up to 50% and have your fare starting at 1,95 €!

Undercharge is provided completely automatically. When creating your order, if the undercharge is currently available, you will see the offered discount value next to the vehicle option. If you order your cab immediately, the undercharge discount is yours. This discount is completely automated and is provided when our cabs are not fully occupied.


Vouchers are discount codes that you can receive at various events or contests, either from our partners or directly from us at our Facebook page. Every voucher can be used only once and provides discount at a given value.

Important information

Limits and combining discounts
Maximum combined percentage discount is 50%, this means that when you add undercharge and vouchers together and the resulting discount is above 50%, it is automatically lowered to 50% - the maximum amount. Should you use vouchers that give discount in exact € value, the bottom limit is 1 € - minimal price of your fare. All discounts can be combined.

How to apply the discount
The discounts are provided automatically when you complete your ride only when paying by credit card or prepaid credit. Your card or credit will be charged the discounted value automatically, the driver cannot influence the discount value.

Čo ak platím v hotovosti?
Should your order get a discount but for any reason you cannot pay with credit card or prepaid credit, when the order is completed and you pay the full price in cash, the discount difference will be refunded back to your VB Taxi account in the form of prepaid credit.

Discounts are not legally enforceable. The company does not take responsibility for non-working card terminals. Add a credit card number to this app for the discounts to be guaranteed.

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